Thursday, 18 August 2011

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

In progress 2

New version of older scene, shown below all small and dwarfed.


More Hundertwasser-inspired colour.


Lots of people in lots of places are not nice, which is why most members of society cannot fulfil their needs, or experience their full potential.


Complementary and analogous colours.

The sun

Trying to develop a way of layering tones whilst still being enjoyable to create and interesting to view.



Does it look like me or does it not look like me? It doesn't really look like me, but I like the paint.

The bloodthirsty wolf

This painting was started about 2 years ago and then abandoned.  I came back to it Feb/Mar this year and made it less detailed, more colourful, gorier and more interesting.

My arm in progress

After much Hundertwasser, this is where it hurt.

New beginning Part 1- After the armpocalypse (dramatic)


My arms were screwed by RSI from about Jan this year.  I couldn't play guitar, draw, write, or even hold a book open for very long goddamnit.  I could, however, paint in a fairly loose and gentle manner, by holding the brush in the position that ye do when applying paint to large areas.
This has meant that the more detailed illustration I used to do, and finally gave up due to frustration, is gone,  but it has led to me actually enjoying painting again, and so this blog will be updated regularly!